О, мой бог!


Два сообщения пришли.
Я читаю ....
Я начал беспокоиться.

"Почему ты удалил меня из твоих читателей?"

Верно ли это??? :nea:
О, мой бог!
Других людей тоже???
Я думал, что она сможет перейти к любимой, но .... Было ли это удалить?? :buh:
Я не понимаю, как использовать дневник.
Потому что я не совсем понимаю русский, она подумает, что я удалил его по ошибке.
Я хочу, чтобы вернуть его.
Будете ли вы научить метод, пожалуйста?
Спасибо за сообщение!:white:

(Two emails came.
I read….
I began worrying.

"Why have you removed me from your readers?"

Is that true???
Oh my god!
The other people too???
I thought that it was able to move to a favorite, but…. Was it deleted??
I don't understand the how to use of the diary.
Because I don't completely understand Russian, it think that I deleted it by mistake.
I want to put it back.
Will you teach the method, please? Thank you for an email!)

2010-08-18 в 21:38 

Just one grasping that brass ring forever out of the reach of the common man.
I want to put it back.
Will you teach the method, please? Thank you for an email!)

No, you can't take them back by yourself now. Only we can do it ourselves - each of us. You can just announce here, in your dairy, that it was a mistake, and we all subscribe to you again. You have already done such an announcement, and everybody now can read it. :)

2010-08-18 в 21:43 

Йера Не-Закат
и дорога - протянулась от слова до знака.
Hi, I've been removed from your readers too, and when I tried to get back, I was told that "this user has prohibited you to add his diary to your favorites". So I subscribed, it was allowed.

2010-08-18 в 22:23 

socks socks socks socks
Hey, Haru-san. My situation is the same as Йера Не-Закат's :)

2010-08-18 в 22:43 

out of touch
Dear Haru! I just tried to put you back in my «Favorites» and it worked!:buddy: Before it would say that you had forbidden me to add myself.
That means that you'd changed the settings and everybody can re-subscribe now, so it's good now.
Don't worry. I speak Russian fluently and still had so much trouble with the settings of this service in the beginning:buh:!

2010-08-18 в 22:44 

В связях, порочащих его, был, но не замечен...
Hello again! :squeeze:

2010-08-18 в 22:53 

Божественный. Обосную необоснуемое. Развожу авторов на фико. Обламываю любимых ПЧ. Итачи
*Haru* :squeeze: :squeeze: :squeeze: thank you

2010-08-18 в 23:11 

Thank you very much for explanation!
An email came again.

"Yes. You have removed all. Also has forbidden to add you in Избранное.
We worry.
I very badly know English.
I think, that you ПЧ have added the about Черный список (Black List)...
Probably, you have made so:
Настройки / Доступ к дневнику -> Редактирование списка ПЧ (Adjustments / Access to a diary-> Editing of list ПЧ).
You have noted all ПЧ and have transferred to Black list ПЧ (at the bottom of the page).

Oh my god!!!!!!!!! :buh: :buh: :buh:
I understood the reason that faded away. It is a shock very much. I removed that list immediately.
I wish to express my gratitude to you. Thank you for your concern. :white: :white: :white:

2010-08-19 в 13:34 

Lavender Prime
Сложные проблемы всегда имеют простые, легкие для понимания неправильные решения
Now it's OK, thank you for prompt actions!
And hello again!

2010-08-19 в 16:15 

Мир — это иллюзия и можно покорится ей, что большинство людей и делают, или бороться (с) Любое изречение, произносимое громко и долго, со временем становится истиной (с)
I was surprised to have been removed from your diary and happy to be here again. It's good that you solved the problem :white:

2010-08-19 в 17:41 

Thank you!! :white: :white: :white:

2010-08-21 в 11:07 

Ибики, в мечтах о прекрасном.
thank you

2010-08-22 в 13:58 

out of touch
:jump2:Happy Birthday, dear Haru!:jump2:
If it is your birthday, as your profile says.
I wish you many-many more years to come, live so long that you can go to Amoi as a tourist in the future!
May you have lots of love, good health, happiness and more money, why not:D!
As a present from your Russian friends, please, accept this
:dance3:Traditional Birthday メイド Dance!:dance3:

2010-08-23 в 12:59 

Oh!!! Thank you very much!!!!! :squeeze: :squeeze: :squeeze:

2010-08-23 в 17:22 

Ибики, в мечтах о прекрасном.
happy birthday! :woopie::sunny:

2010-08-24 в 22:54 

Thank you !!! :)

By the way, there is a report.
About the day of remake OVA sale.
It becomes 2010/07 ~.(AIC)
Was Mr. cafe801's signature-obtaining campaign effective...?
Even if it is tentatively scheduled to put it on the market in July, it's a thing.
Though it is not put on the market after all.
Why????? Why is it late????

2010-08-27 в 15:51 

Мне не нужно ничего, мне нужен лишь покой...
*Haru* I've been removed from your readers too, and now I know why. I'm happy to be here again. Thank you for explanation :heart:

And Happy Birthday! "Better late than never" ;-)
I wish you happiness and many happy returns of the day! :woopie:

2010-08-28 в 21:36 

socks socks socks socks
*Haru*, if I'm not mistaken the new OVA project was cancelled?
Is there any official announcement about it?

2010-08-29 в 20:49 

Thank you !!! :)

if I'm not mistaken the new OVA project was cancelled?
It's unclear for the moment.

Is there any official announcement about it?
No, there isn't it. A Japanese fan worries about it...

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