<Полное собрание сочинений июня Vol. 2>

Я получил "Rieko Есихара <полное собрание сочинений июня Vol. 2> "в другой день.
Это была очень толстой книгой твердым покрытием.
Кусок работы сериализации затем "Июнь" журнала собраны.
На рисунке видно, тоже, но монохромные полностью.
Это стало краткое содержание, и я легко читать.
Что произведение 2009 года, есть детали, которые были изменены содержание ТО.
Потому что ежемесячный доклад добавления книги был более интересным, я его перевести.
Там могут быть ошибки в грамматике.

(I obtained “Rieko Yoshihara ‹Complete works of JUNE Vol. 2›” the other day.
It was a very thick book of hard cover.
A piece of work of the serialization of the then “JUNE” magazine is collected.
The illustration is seen, too, but is monochrome entirely.
It become the short contents and am easy to read.
With the piece of work of 2009, there is the part which contents were changed of to.
Because the monthly report of the appendix of book was more interesting, I translate it.
There may be a mistake in grammar.)

A table of contents

Rieko Yoshihara <Complete works of JUNE Vol. 2
Ai no KusabiAi no Kusabi
Chapter 1 The man who returned ......7
Chapter 2 Recollection ......41
Chapter 3 Reencounter ......75
Chapter 4 Long night ......111
Chapter 5 Confession ......143
Chapter 6 Broken heart ......425
Midnight illusion...... 223
Narcissist ...... 319
The building of the shadow ...... 337
A seal of the darkness...... 365
A binary bond ...... 425
A seal of the darkness ......495
Childhood friend ......463
A silver requiem ...... 495
The feeling is jigsaw puzzle ......531
A maze of the darkness ...... 571
Oh, Ah? Oh!......603
" Ai no Kusabi / conclusion" OAV sсript ......639

‹ Katsumi Michihara / Maya Mikiuchi / Mariko Shimamine / Keiji Yamashita / Akiko Hatsu / Shiina Tachibana / Ben Kimura / Midori Tokuda ›......689

The monthly report is page 8 in all.


Rieko Yochihara. The complete works JUNE. Vol.2. The third monthly report. May, 1995.

“Ahhh, a hand having a red pen shakes.”

Rieko Yochihara.

In the monthly report of the simple binding called the hardcover with the box and the luxurious complete works, to suddenly, this title is what ……the one that seemed so is sorry. Ah, because but there were not the words that spoke for my such feelings for eloquence besides it......

Let's see... Completely, the greeting was delayed……

Hello. Thank you for purchasing the third complete works of the JUNE for this time. Your Yochihara. ("…What this…")

By the way ―――――.

It makes in the JUNE 17th year, and the complete volume that covers the whole content comes out. When it heard such a story, it will not be only me that instinctively shouted "Oh it is wonderful". However ――――. Thereafter, in the complete works until time at the time of the JUNE publication…. For that glad words. "Oh, I'll die……" May be that it was only me to have muttered unintentionally…….

Though JUNE was in abortive flower of the shade in old days, it is the times stacked in large quantities every month crowded now. Only 17 years. But it is 17 years…….

For these past several years, it is said in various ways in many places, but, the genre that there is vigor in form visible clearly still needs only it…I think so.

But naturally, for some time ―――, I do not persist in only JUNE itself for read especially …now in fact. I think that reading is not an education but the easiest amusement. It thinks that you can do the enjoyment that can resonate to the world that doesn't know by doing without traveling at my favorite time in case of reading……

Oh, naturally there is much that I become the left one-way street from the right because capacity cost of that place is bottomlessness, but…."Or it say that there is not integrity……"

When it becomes a writer ―――, the radically, why I'm particular about JUNE like this? Is it that after all? However, is the worldly desires too large to bundle it in a single phrase of favor ……?

It is so. I do not want to merely read, and only "JUNE" wants to read the delusion that there is in my brain that is not forced as type.

I think that everything reaches this somehow (laugh).

As for it too. It which is two-dimensional may do passion in story of "a man and a man" who do not let feel a smell of the life. ("…Ha-ha-ha……")

However ―――――.

Um. That every day when I kept writing it to the hardware only for youth(?) and strange passion(laugh) is exposed to eyes of the world loudly, besides, at one sweep and brought to light. Gee, it is fearful (laugh). Will the heavy sigh that is deeper than the sea to be close immediately at the mountain of the proofreading copy which has been sent like the harm of the parent day after day be my result?

The "Ai no Kusabi" is still good, but, on the day when early "narcissist" came, a face is drawn. This. "……Wants to start a new paragraph…." "Ahhh, I want to rewrite it." ――― Furthermore, a hand having a red pen trembles. Well, because it is not the first time that a Japanese grammar is strange, this is already Yoshihara style (?) of type. ――― Everybody can do nothing but also give it up……. When proofreading, "What place is this?" "Who am I?" is almost in such a state.

Gee, dear however, only the zeal of piercing through these kinds of things unabashedly was very large (…sigh…). When it does it in real time, will it be a difference of the tension with time when time passed? Generally the original which at that time appeared is not exceeded even if I repeat adaptation. Though says so. When I write such a thing, ah, it is a painful thing like that (laugh) ……..

Anyway, the 17th year of JUNE that the complete works are given is …….the 17th year for me as the JUNE devoted reader in this way, and, in a word, will it be ――― "My heart is filled with deep emotion."?

No, it is awkward that I am indulging in deep emotion in such a place. After all. I think that it would like them for JUNE to base results as the pioneer, and to demonstrate a vigorous challenging spirit still on that.

Is not ――― "darkness pan JUNE" which cannot guess whether anything comes out after this good? Hey?

I as one reader look at it slowly and carefully in secret and, Yoshihara as the writer wants to do its best at my pace from now on, I think……. Hereafter, I'm happy if you can associate as my fan.

See you later……..


2010-09-23 в 09:44 

socks socks socks socks
Thanx so much for sharing
It pleases me this dull rainy morning :smiletxt:

2010-09-23 в 18:24 

Thank you for comment!
Because I discovered a mistake for translation, I corrected it. The next wants to translate the interview of the author. ^^

2010-09-23 в 19:57 

socks socks socks socks
What is the chapter «Oh, Ah? Oh!......603» about?:shy2:

2010-09-24 в 18:28 

What is the chapter «Oh, Ah? Oh!......603» about?

Is a Japanese title "アッ!ああ?嗚呼!".
It's the story of the boy of the high school student. Probably that title may be a cry of the bewildered of the love between men's pals. :hmm:

2010-09-27 в 04:10 

socks socks socks socks
I see:tonguetxt:

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